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Lisa Hatzell

I am a busy mother of 3 boys and wife to the love of my life. Together, we enjoy fishing, hiking, biking, camping and watching movies. We are a family of artistic talent; both my husband and I enjoy drawing, designing, painting and he even does his own taxidermy work when the hunt merits it! I am a long time lover of acrylic painting and have done numerous murals, especially in baby nurseries. My husband on the other hand, was very good in oil painting. These are hobbies we “put away” when we had children and the size of our home was not conducive to the space required for such. Yes, it was a sad day in the Hatzell Home when we put all of our acrylics, oils, brushes, and canvases into a big, blue tub and shut the lid. But we were glad to trade these things in for our “little bundles of joy.” Our 3 boys follow in our footsteps as they have become quite creative as well. Drawing, making their own knives, and woodworking have all become a part of their free time! Our Family Mantra is to “Work Hard, Play Hard and Pray Hard!”

I went to college to become a teacher for 2 reasons; 1) I loved kids, and 2)my mother was terrified that I would become a “starving artist.” Luckily, for her and I both, I enjoyed teaching and I was very good at it! I taught kindergarten, 1st grade, and art class over the course of 13 years. I met some of the most wonderful people that I will ever meet and still remain great friends today. For 10 of those years, I was dreaming of becoming an interior designer and it was eating me up inside! I was ready to “impress adults.” I felt that the Good Lord was pushing on my shoulders to take the leap to trust Him. Nothing about it made sense. I could not understand why He wanted me to leave a job of serving children to fulfill a dream that seemed, luxurious and selfish. In the spring of 2012, I did it. I resigned from teaching and applied to the Interior Design Program at Ball State University, in Muncie, Indiana.

The next 4 years of driving to BSU everyday, spending everyday with twenty 20 year old girls, learning the language of technology in the late hours of the Bracken Library, waiting for the bus in the snow, even having to take my 3 year old to class with me in negative degree weather a few times, after getting the others to the babysitter’s or to school, became my day to day regimen…and it was the HARDEST thing I had ever done! But I realized that the waiting game of 10 years was the motivation I needed to get thru these 4 years. College was so difficult, not to mention learning the new sophisticated computer aided drafting programs that were expected. But I knew without a doubt, that this was it for me. It was this or nothing. I quit a safe job with benefits, summer vacations, stability, great friends and colleagues to follow my dream. And I NEVER doubted my decision for a SECOND! Thank You, Jesus!!!! So, here I am today. Running my own business and loving it!

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